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We are happy to provide our customers with fresh sandwiches and complete lunch menus These are all packed per person on request, as long as the measures expect it. Would you like a fully catered fresh lunch daily? Inquire about the possibilities of our lunch concepts.

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Lunch is an important time of the day, and for a delicious, varied lunch made from fresh produce, you need to be with us. At Wim’s Chicken, we believe it is important to make every lunch a feast for your taste buds. We do this by using the best ingredients, catering to what you like and making sure that the lunch remains as fresh and healthy as possible.

We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities of our lunch concepts for a tasty lunch (also for large groups) at Wim’s Kip. Or view our sandwich and lunch menus directly.


Large groups Lunch options

You can book our lunch options as an individual and a company. We like to make sure that we match the needs you have. Thus, we are happy to provide a tasty lunch for different situations. Below are some examples of this.

  • Meeting: Long meetings can be boring, but not with a company lunch from Wim’s Kip! Our company lunch will make your colleagues only too happy to stop by for a meeting.
  • Meeting: Do you have another meeting? Then too, we would be happy to provide your company lunch, fully customized and of course with enough tasty snacks for all attendees.
  • Congress: Are you coming together for a congress, conference or symposium? As a visitor, it is important to eat well around lunchtime to get the most out of the meetings. With our lunch for large groups, you have this taken care of for all visitors and they can also enjoy the most delicious flavors!


Company lunch on location

Want to enjoy a well-prepared, delicious lunch without having to leave the house? That’s the idea! We are happy to deliver our buffets and arrangements to your location. This makes a lunch from Wim’s Chicken very suitable for both business and private purposes!

You can indicate up to 1 day in advance that you would like to order lunch at your location. We will then ensure that you can enjoy a tasty lunch at the appointed time at the place of your choice.

We deliver in Amsterdam, Landsmeer, Purmerend and Zaandam. Of course, we also deliver in the vicinity of these places, so we are always near you. So you can enjoy a delicious lunch and the ultimate convenience.


Our capabilities at a glance

A tasty lunch is different for everyone. Some swear by it with a salmon sandwich, others by a hot soup. Whatever your favorite lunch may be, at Wim’s Chicken we are happy to accommodate it. Therefore, there are an awful lot of different options regarding our lunch. Sandwich arrangements, on-site buffets, salads, soups and more.

If you can think of it, we can prepare it! Do you have just a little less inspiration or do you like to be surprised? Then we’ll draw on our own inspiration and come up with a great lunch that fits you perfectly!


Ask our extras

When you choose to have lunch at your location, you choose convenience. But, that convenience soon disappears when you have all kinds of things to take care of around lunch! We are happy to take this off your hands. Consider plates, cutlery, glassware and even tablecloths.

We take care of this so all you have to do is sit down. Kind of easy, right?


Ordering a delicious lunch

Would you like to order a delicious lunch at your location? Then choose the lunch of Wim’s Chicken! We are ready and happy to make you a delicious lunch. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities or ask any questions you may have. We will then be happy to help you.

Please feel free to contact us or at and we will be happy to assist you with all your questions and requests!

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