Purmerend catering: appetizers, sandwiches & buffet

Need catering Purmerend? For both business and private catering, Wim’s Kip is a household name in Purmerend. Wim’s Kip catering in Purmerend will always make your reception, meeting, staff party or opening a successful event. Whether it’s large or small parties, the catering of Wim’s Kip in Purmerend is always a good choice. Are you curious about what we have to offer? Read on quickly or feel free to contact us.


High quality meals

Order your dishes at Wim’s Kip catering in Purmerend. You can then be sure in advance that you will enjoy a quality meal. We purchase the ingredients for our meals from artisanal butchers and poulterers. We source our fish from fishmongers in Volendam and our vegetables come directly from the central market. Extra fresh and therefore extra tasty of course!
We provide the tastiest lunch in the form of sandwiches and whole lunch menus for your business or as an individual. You can think of sandwiches and sandwiches in the form of pistolets, foccaccia’s, waldkorn bol, bagels, ciabatta’s and other freshly baked bread. Do you have a meeting lunch in Purmerend? Feel free to call us and we will provide the lunch that you can completely surprise your colleagues or clients with.

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Delicious and nutritious dish

If you order your meal through the catering of Wim’s Kip in Purmerend you can always count on a healthy and nutritious dish. Catering in Purmerend by Wim’s Kip is known for its fast service without compromising on freshness and nutritional value. Good food absolutely does not have to be unhealthy and our dishes are proof of that.


Ordering appetizers in Purmerend

With a drink come snacks. It’s just that simple. You undoubtedly want to make sure that these are then just as popular as the drinks. We are happy to help you make that happen. That’s why we deliver customized appetizers that we put together with you in advance. We are as flexible in this as we can be. So when you already know exactly what your guests like, we can match that as best as we can. Do you actually have no idea what would be in the taste? Then we will give you all kinds of options for inspiration or choose a variety of different appetizers. Thus, your get-together is bound to be a success. Do you need appetizers in Purmerend Please feel free to contact us using the button below.


Ordering a buffet in Purmerend

For a buffet in Purmerend you are also at the right place at Wim’s Kip. When your guests are standing at the buffet table with their plates in hand and really don’t know what to scoop up because it all looks delicious, our day is all set. We hope that this will then apply to yours as well! So, you can order a buffet from us and rest assured that we will arrive with delicacies that will make your guests happily eat their bellies off. Our buffets can, of course, be tailored to dietary requirements. For example, consider guests with nut allergies, dairy allergies or vegetarian diets. Of course you can choose both a hot and cold buffet in Purmerend. You can always indicate this and we will be happy to take care of it. Buffet Purmerend needed? We have the most delicious buffets for you in the form of: Italian, Arabic and Indonesian. What are you waiting for, let our taste experts advise you.

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Party catering in Purmerend

When we think of a party, we think of sociability, friends, family and acquaintances, drinks and, above all, very good food. We are therefore always happy to provide party catering in Purmerend. Nothing is more fun than to hear that the party and also the food was successful. Together with you, we will go all the way. Are you having a theme party? Then we’ll make sure the catering is adjusted accordingly as well. For example, consider a theme party with the color red. At your request, we will then ensure that that color runs as a thread through the dishes. Fresh strawberries and tomatoes, watermelon or cherries, we make sure the dishes are fully complementary. We have another great tip for you. How about delicious tapas at your party? No heavy meals but delicious small dishes.


Barbecue catering

In the summer it is often nice and long light and you can choose a BBQ in Purmerend a little easier for your catering. Delicious dishes of meat and vegetables served with the typical, smoky barbecue flavor are truly a joy to eat. The barbecue is one of the specialties of Wim’s Chicken. It does not matter whether you have bbq catering for a small or a very large group. Quality and taste are always guaranteed from the first to the very last piece of meat. Combined with homemade sauce, fresh baguette and grilled vegetables, the meal is complete.

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Walking dinner

With a walking dinner in Purmerend, a modern, cozy and social way of eating is completely taken care of for you. Small culinary delights are served on the tables and people can switch places between them. This is ideal with larger groups. This allows everyone to catch up with each other. With a traditional table setup with fixed seats, this is not really possible, but with a walking dinner it is! Funny thing is that walking dinner as a term is also increasingly used for a combination between walking and eating. We do not provide the walk itself, but we are happy to start preparations while you enjoy your walk. So you can also the latest form of walking dinners with a fully catered package from Wim’s Kip Catering Purmerend.

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Wim’s Kip fillets and trims the fish itself. The poultry meat we roast in our own oven and the dishes can also be adapted to vegetarian guests. The possibilities are endless. For quality in Purmerend, you must be at the catering of Wim’s Kip.You can always contact us to ask any questions or book our catering online, we will be happy to help.

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