Order luxury sandwiches Amsterdam?

Do you have a business lunch planned with a number of partners or do you want to meet with the team while enjoying a delicious lunch? The luxury sandwiches of Wim’s Kip are perfect for a business occasion, but also for private occasions you can come to us at any time for a delicious lunch. Don’t feel like preparing lunch or celebrating an anniversary? Then choose to order sandwiches Amsterdam and enjoy our delicious sandwiches!

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We provide a delicious lunch

Have you invited your clients to a business lunch, have something to celebrate or are you having a reception? A nice lunch is desired in any case. Preparing these can take a lot of time, and it’s sometimes a daunting task to make the sandwiches look as delicious as they taste. Wim’s Chicken is happy to help you provide a delicious lunch for your clients, partners, family or friends. By preparing the sandwiches using only fresh produce, they taste delicious. For what occasion would you like to order sandwiches Amsterdam?

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The tastiest sandwiches in Amsterdam

We assure you of a delicate lunch by preparing it only with fresh products. For example, we always get chicken and poultry from the poulterer or artisan butcher, and our vegetables come directly from the central market. The fish is also freshly prepared and comes from fishmongers in Volendam. We guarantee the quality of food and you can taste that in our dishes! Quickly order a delectable lunch and experience the taste of the finest, fresh produce.


Luxury sandwiches

We at Wim’s Kip offer a large assortment of sandwiches, so there are always sandwiches to suit everyone’s taste. These range from toppings with meat and fish to vegetarian sandwiches. Will you choose a delicious carpaccio sandwich, vitello tonato, smoked salmon or a delicious cream cheese sandwich with chives? The sandwiches are greased with pesto, rocket mayonnaise or tapenade, among other ingredients, and topped with lettuce.
In addition, you can choose from a variety of sandwiches and rolls. Are you going for toasted soft buns at a soft price? Or do you prefer luxury farmhouse sandwiches and deluxe freshly baked rolls? Enjoy a delicious lunch and go order sandwiches Amsterdam!


For every occasion

Are you having a reception? Are you married for several years and celebrating with your family and friends? Are you meeting with the whole team? Wim’s Chicken provides a delectable lunch for any occasion. Do you have special requests for lunch? Just give them a call and we’ll provide you with a customized lunch. For example, during a meeting, it is convenient if the lunch sandwiches are easy to eat. We split the “meeting sandwiches” in half and put a toothpick in them, so the meeting and lunch can go smoothly. We are happy to make sure everything is to your liking!


Order delicious sandwiches Amsterdam

Are you organizing a lunch for your clients, friends, colleagues or family? Wim’s Chicken sandwiches and rolls are perfect for private or corporate occasions. Just let us know your wishes and we will be happy to provide you with a customized lunch!

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