Wim’s Kip offers the most delicious buffets, fresh and healthy(vegetarian too!). In order to be as fresh as possible, we regularly adjust our buffets to the seasonal offerings and there may be changes in the composition of your buffet. Fortunately, those changes usually benefit the taste, as seasonal produce often tastes best when their season is on! That’s just one of the ways we make our buffets extra delicious. How else do we do it? Read on soon, and we’ll be happy to tell you!


Hot and cold buffet

A delicious buffet with something for everyone! The combination of hot and cold appetizers fits well with a wide variety of tastes and preferences, allowing everyone to feast.

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Italian Buffet

Italian cuisine is one of our favorites. There are two types of Italian buffets possible with a lot of variations within them. Think risotto, creamy prawns, lasagna and of course freshly baked bread with herb butter and tapenade.

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Indonesian Buffet

There are an awful lot of tasty dishes in Indonesian cuisine. Therefore, there are several buffets to choose from. All topped with rice, nasi or noodles and chock full of exotic flavors!

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Buffets for large groups

Are you looking for a caterer who can provide your buffet for a large group? Then you are at the right place at Wim’s Kip! We provide the most delicious buffets from 20 people and so also a buffet for 40 people or even a buffet for 60 people. Because everyone has different tastes, we offer different types of buffets. So we can offer a delicious Dutch snack but also the most delicious Indonesian dishes as you have just read. We have extensive experience working for individuals but also for businesses, so you can always count on us. We have extensive experience working for individuals but also for businesses.


Vegetarian buffet catering Amsterdam

Our vegetarian buffet gets a taste for meat without the use of an animal. Even the meat lover doesn’t have to miss anything and will want to keep discovering these new flavors. Using local and seasonal produce, we offer a colorful, varied and fragrant vegetarian buffet catering in Amsterdam.


Wim’s Kip also in your area

We provide the most delicious buffets in Amsterdam, Landsmeer, Purmerend and Zaandam and surroundings. Delivering a Dutch buffet in Zaandam is therefore no problem, but we also like to go the extra mile for your buffet. So is your location not near any of the above places? If so, we will be happy to see if we can visit you anyway. So don’t hesitate to ask us about it!


Extras? But of course!

At Wim’s Kip, we have extensive experience in catering and delivering buffets. That’s why we understand all too well that organizing your meeting can sometimes be a lot of work. We like to help with this and therefore offer the possibility of providing all kinds of extras. Think about things like cutlery, glassware and plates. This saves on both organizing and washing up! Keep warm equipment is always included in any case, as we never let your buffet get cold.


We are ready for you

Are you looking for delicious buffet catering? We are happy to serve you and answer any questions you may have. Whether it’s a buffet for 20 people, a buffet for 40 people or a buffet for 60 people, at Wim’s Kip we always make it a tasty success!

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